Hey, nice to meet you!
I hope you're having a good time here.

I'm Alex and I'm a creative director. I've been working for 9 years in the field of communications and marketing. Since I was a kid, I've been building up stories. I was that young boy drawing with Crayolas and writing crazy adventures about lost treasures and scary monsters.

Great hopes and big dreams.
I grew up writing light novels and drawing fantasy characters. I spent hours on The Legend of Zelda, and grew a passion for Japan watching animes.

A call for adventure.
Today, I still feel the need to create and to fantasize everyday's life. That curious mind of mine pushes me to foreign landscapes and to dive into different cultures. Because I believe that knowing the world around us is key to tell great stories. And I think we need those to make us shiver, laugh, cry, fear, love... well eventually, just feel. And that's why I love being a designer.

Well, I just want to make you feel.

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