Work done : Art direction. Copywriting. Concept art. Animation.

In 2023, Genie des Lieux, a workspace agency, needed a short video to explain its activities. Because of the wide variety of problematics its clients can encounter, we ended up crafting a total of 5 different stories.
The first video introduces the characters Farah, Klaus and Penelope. Those characters will have their own episodes in which they'll encounter various problems about their workspaces.

La vie en entreprise, c'est pas toujours facile, Génie des Lieux, 2023.

Initially the project was named "Hector".
(Yes that's a code name, just like we name super secret projects).
We started to think about the services proposed by the company Génie des Lieux. And those were way too complicated to understand. 
The fact was that their clients and prospects were just as lost and didn't really know all the subtilities about those services.

So we focused on the client. We would create videos that would explain clearly why they need Génie des Lieux's services.
Each video would star a fictive client with a problem Génie des Lieux would solve.​​​​​​​
So it would resonate with their clients. Covid was hitting us, nobody was coming back at the office and companies had hundreds of square-meters of offices completely empty.

So our first story was born. The one of the Hector company.
Hector had a problem : their office was emply and nobody was coming back to work.

So our brains began to had lots of ideas. 
But first we built a narrative line we would stick to for each video.
Look at this board, isn't it great ?
Once we had our narrative line. We began to wrote our 4 stories starring 4 different problems Génie des Lieux's clients could encounter.
But something was wrong. 

The stories we wrote were DULL. 
They were absolutely too rational.
So, we adopted a humoristic tone. We would make funny stories easy to remember.
Then we needed characters that would inprint in the customers brains. But we had to stay simple. The most important thing was that the client could relate to those problematic and that we can understand the benefits of Génie des Lieux's services.

Exemple of the Crazy-8 method we used to find the companies names in our stories.
We wrote our stories all over again.
It gave birth to 4 stories :
Zzzinga!, Atiredaile, Louloup Bouctin and
The first story : Zzzinga! would talk about hybrid workspaces : how can people collaborate efficently when they're scattered all over the galaxy?
The second one stars Louloup Bouctin, and is about how to make a brand identity and culture shine in a workspace to gather people and make them proud to work for the company.
The third story is about Atiredaile. The big question for them is how can they reinvent their office when new ways of working are emerging?
Finally, the fourth story: The main problem to solve here is :how can we build a more inclusive company that fits to every people differences?
If you reached that point: yes, that's it.
(thank you so much for your interest in my work)

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