Le Génie des Lieux is a guidebook published each year by the company Génie des Lieux.
In 2020, the company decided to run a full makeover of their 150 pages publication.
The major challenge was to rethink the cover. We had to keep in mind that it had to live
with the same guidelines and design for the years to come.

We made the choice that each year the main color of the cover would be successively one of
the six ones defined by our main guideline. First, for 2020, it woud be the yellow tone.

Each year, a main theme, "The case of the year", is highlighted on the book cover.
Before the final step, we went through various propositions : photography, illustration, text,...
Eventually, we figured out that an illustration would fit the most to the spirit of this guidebook.
Since it is dedicated to research and thinking, the illustration would be composed of simple
forms and it would be close to scientific schemes.

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