OSAO is an architectural projet developed for the french regional offices of Centre Val-de-Loire. The architecture  is centered on the concept of water and plants of the region. This very natural and flourishing aspect led to the suspended gardens of ancient city of Babylon from which all the graphic identity is based on. 
The logo was design according to the famous door of the ancient city of Babylon: the Door of Ishtar. This wealthy city, with cascades and overflourishing plants immediately brought up the idea the logo should be elegant, imposing but also welcoming.
The offices signage was meant to be clear, simple and round. This design goes along with the symbol of the arch. The concept of the arch also conveys to the "ancient" aspect: although we wanted to maintain a neat aspect, we disrupted the design with cut lines to get the idea that each pictogram was already used, like marks from the past.
OSAO 2022. Alexandre Lourenço.

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